Our eyelash extensions include:

single loose eyelash,siberian mink eyelash extension,fox hair eyelash extention,W/Y eyelash extension,Faux Mink Eyelash Extension(Korea PBT fiber).Colors are black,colored/rainbow,two tone colors and etc.We can supply lengths 6-20mm,thickness 0.05mm,0.06mm,0.07mm,0.085mm,0.10mm ,0.12mm,0.15mm 0.18mm,0.20mm,0.23mm, 0.25mm and curl J,B,C,D,U,CC,L;

Our eyelash categories:

Korean PBT Fiber Lash Extensions

  • Pre-made Fans Eyelash Extensions
  • Real Mink Eyelash Extensions
  • Ellipse Flat Eyelash Extensions
  • YY lash extensions
  • Classic Lash Extensions
  • Volume Lash Extensions
  • Russian eyelash extensions
  • 3D eyelash extensions
  • Best Eyelash Extensions
  • Natural Eyelash Extensions

We hope you have just started your eyelash business and started your own eyelash extension brand; we hope you are a salon or beauty salon with your own brand eyelash extension to serve your customers; we hope you are an eyelash trade dealer and be our own eyelash extension brand Agent, wholesale our eyelash extension to your market to obtain huge economic benefits; we hope you are the owner of the eyelash extension brand and have the rights and channels of major supermarkets to provide eyelash products. We can help you customize and privately label eyelashes. Both OEM and ODM services are provided.

If you are going to start your eyelash business, or replace the bad eyelash maker now. Please contact us immediately.

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