They are here and are her new favorite lashes due to their ease of application, time-saving treatment, and soft fluffy effect. These YY lashes help bridge the gap between classics and volume eyelash extensions – almost like a pre-made fan.
Applied in the same way as classics, yet create a fuller, softer and fluffier effect similar to volume. They also offer great retention due to their straight base which offers a superior contact area for improved adhesion.

Please refer to your volumetric lash calculations guide to ensure you use the suitable YY lash for your clients and do not overload the natural lashes.

Below is a guide, based on what a natural lash could support if that client was wearing a classic/one by one extension.

0.20 = max of (6 x 0.07mm) – NOT recommended – few clients can support this weight

0.15 = max of (4 x 0.07mm) or (7 x 0.06mm) or (9 x 0.05mm)

0.12 = max of (3 x 0.07mm) or (4 x 0.06mm) or (6 x 0.05mm)

0.10 = max of (2 x 0.07mm) or (3 x 0.06mm) or (4 x 0.05mm)

How to use:
Grab the extension (the YY fan) halfway between the top and the bottom of the extension. The key to keeping the YY lash intact is grabbing just before the base splits into the YY which you will see is about halfway on the extension, then apply as you would a classic extension.

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