The Way to Curl Your False Lash Properly

With the development of the society , people have a better life than before , more and more people have free time to chase beauty ,try to give themselves a good looking . Some of young ladies or girls find false eyelashes at first , and then more and more people like it.False eyelashes are becoming popular slowly .They can make more dramatic and have a bigger dimension when you go out at night to hive a good time .Though the false eyelashes have so many advantages , I need to tell you one thing you need pay your attention on it . The false eyelash will lose their initial curls ,if they have been wore so many times . If you don’t want to buy the new ones , you will learn some methods to curl them in this article .

The key to curling false eyelashes is heat and curl to make them without a sharp kink . There are 2 ways here to tell you how to curl the false lashes properly .

Curling the lashes after theyre applied

If you prefer to put your lashes on first and then curl them , you need to use the warm water to clean the eyelash curler , then curl your natural lashes and try your best to apply the false eyelashes close to the lash line .

After heating the curler again , you need to curl your natural and false eyelashes together gently and hold for several seconds . If you squeeze to hard or pulse the curler , you will develop a kink ,so don’t do that . The level you want to achieve then you need use the reheating curler to curl the lash again and again until the lashes get the ones what you want . Once you have a look you desired ,you need to cost the mascara to make sure the curl in place .

Curling before you put on the lashes

In this way ,you need a round tube whose diameter match the level of curl you prefer .If you don’t have ideas , I think mascara tube is good . Make the false lashes lay over the tube , you need wrap a piece of tissue to make sure the false lashes in place .Next step use your hair dryer on low about 6 inches away to apply heat for several seconds . Check the lashes and get a more properly tube for them . Then curl your natural lashes and apply the false ones .At last you need cost the mascara to ensure the false lashes in place .

Everything is OK , you will get the new false lashes just like you buy it not for a long time!

After reading this article ,you will get a new skill –curl your false eyelashes properly .